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Busting the four mile mark wide open! – August 16, 2006 August 25, 2006

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Piece of cake! here I come five! Well let’s not get carried away.  It was a great workout today, four miles did not feel hard at all. Here are the details.

On the “how hard did I feel I pushed it scale” – I give it a 4. (sorta hard)

Heart Rate is right were it should be at 167. It took me 50:24 mins to run 4.051 miles. For those of you doing the math that’s an average of 12:26 mins per mile.  That’s ok.. actually that’s not too shabby for an aging overweight guy. 

A Chinese proverb states “The person who removes a mountain begins carrying away small stones.”

Today’s goal was four miles. Completed in good time. The required training for this stage is 30 mins of run. Requirement exceeded. Exceeded comfortably I may add.  That is important to note considering pushing too hard can result in injury.

A sense of pride fills me today completing my first four mile run in what is I am sure to be 13 to 14 years. Today my wife and I learned the sex of our unborn child. And although it was nice to hear what we are having, and we played like children discussing names and coming up with a few we would never actually consider naming our child, it was always the nicest to see positive growth developing. Seventeen weeks into the pregnancy and we are counting five fingers, looking at our child’s spine, heart, kidneys, etc etc. Seeing God’s miracle in action, this perfect baby developing in her mother’s womb. What a blessing to know so early in that development is occuring properly and that she is growing.

A Blessed day indeed!



1. Nearing Marathon Training Completion « - November 7, 2006

[…] With just over four weeks of training remaining, I don’t know whether to be enthusiastic, apprehensive, or just check out.  Part of me wants to eliminate exercise when this is all done. I know better then to allow those thoughts, yet I won’t deny that they do occasionally enter my mind. This past weekend I ran sixteen miles again. This is the third week in a row at that distance. The run takes about three hours to complete and at a comfortable pace isn’t too grueling.  I start the eighteen mile runs this week in which I will foresee to be closer to the three and a half hours to complete.  I do not have any reservations with the eighteen mile run, simply because I am only increasing the mileage by two miles. It’s a rather amusing thought, thinking it’s not big deal to increase my run by two miles. Take a moment to look back to this post regarding when I “busted the four mile barrier”.  Back then it took over fifty minutes to complete four miles. Maybe I need to give myself a little more credit lately.  That experience was less then thirteen weeks ago.  I remember struggling with that four mile run, pushing myself to what I thought was and may have been my limits to achieve that distance.  Four miles… still by any means not a short distance. […]

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