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July 11, 2006 August 25, 2006

Posted by Woody in Uncategorized.

Well the smoking days are surely gone.  I think the tough part was after meals. Now I dont have that craving anymore. I am glad to say after fifteen years and a pack a day, I am leaving it all behind me now.  I remind myself often to look towards the future and never pick the habit back up at any point in time. I am certain if I did that I would pick up where I left off.

The wife picked up some “miracle cream” athletic rub stuff. First take was it was bengay or sports cream kinda stuff. Whatever I refer to it as the key was using enough of it. Don’t use it sparingly. After applying enough of it to my knees the run was alright. I actually felt tightness in my calfs, quads, and even some in my shins. This is a step up from feeling nothing but agony in the knees. Anyway, timed runs yet this week and increased a bit from last. The run was good.


Heart Rate: 156

RPE: 4.5



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