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July 16, 2006 August 25, 2006

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So yesterday my next marathon investment arrived.  The Timex Heart Rate Monitor/Watch.  Took some time to read the manuals.. yeah there was more then one.  One for the monitor one for the watch and one to wrap it all together and give you a clue to what your actually gonna achieve with this thing.. I got it all programmed with weight and MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) This can be estimated with the following formula:   220 – <AGE>.


ok running at 4500 ft is quite different found myself working harder to maintain the pace I was maintaining prior. However I really like the whole heart rate monitor on the watch! Just glance down and you can verify if you are maintaining the zone for your heart rate.


I also discovered Glucosamine!  A friend of mine (with a couple marathons under his belt and currently training for the new york marathon recommended I try it for my knees) Thanks George! I owe you! Started taking it just the other day and my knees already feel a little better.  Between it taking the edge off and strengthening the quads. I should be alright in the near future. 


Heart Rate: 159

RPE: 4.5


Ok so coming up on two weekssmoke free and I remember several people (mostly crap talkers back when I was a smoker) saying things like “oh think of all the money you will save if you quit smoking”.  Al right well I used to by marbaros from the indian smokes shops and discount shops etc. so i was spending 35ish a week on cigarettes. Lets do a little math here..


Shoes – 90

Shit to run in – 66

Timex HRM – 56 (got a great deal on it btw)

Glucosamine – 12

Book – 16

Registration for marathon – 60


Ok so in two weeks I have invested 300 bucks into this. smokes for two weeks – 70



Note to the smokers: If someone tells you it is gonna save you money to quit.. Tell em where to stick it!  Refer to the above and find another way to motivate yourself.



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