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July 19, 2006 August 25, 2006

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Got the hang of the heart rate monitor today.  It was a pretty smooth run.  So if I get it right I had an average heart rate of 173 peakof 183 and burned about 600 calories.  not very many calories considering what I had to go through to burn them.. matter of fact I think I burn more calories then that just taking a dump.


The smoking thing.. passed two weeks smoke free on the 18th. I think about it every once in a while. But I think about it how it wouldtaste like poo cause I’ve been smoke free for this long. I don’t like poo. I don’t wanna eat poo. No poo.


So I am still doing this “pre-training” training. The before the training training that preps you for the training so you don’t have a heart attack while doing the actual training… which is good I guess considering that hill got my heart rate up to 183.  220-34 = 186 (This is my Estimated Maximal Heart Rate) so I think my maximal heart rate may be a little higher then the estimated.  At any rate I try to keep it between 167 – 178 that gives me a good sweat and makes the knees hurt.


On a side note I had some real encouragement from a couple of friends this week. One who expressed that he is more an expert of marathon training then the doctors who wrote the training material I am reading. Yeah I appreciate your input however if you know so much about training why aren’t you doing THAT for a living… Everyone is an arm chair quarterback and has advice for you. However non are the actual professional. The other positive encouragement was from a friend who upon complaining about himself went out and spent a grip on an exercise machine, after his encouragement I wonder just how much usage that machine is getting.  He decided to criticize me for not eating shit for breakfast. “What are you eating Fruit! Yogurt!” “Ugh”… Well thanks pal you continue to get wider and complain about your lack of energy etc etc etc… Go ahead have another helping of grease! I just can’t do that crap to myself anymore. 


Needless to say although these two (who truly are friends, and dear to me at that) were sent by satan to hinder my progress. Or… Sent by God knowing I would use their negative comments as fuel to complete that 26.2 mile commitment. Makes ya think doesn’t it?





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