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July 6, 2006 August 25, 2006

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I’m 41 hours into being smoke free. and have never felt such a motivation to quit. Not because I have a support structure in place. There is no one there saying you can do this Woody!  You can quit smoking! You can get in shape! You can lose that forty pounds! You can finish a Marathon! The motivation is the skepticism! That look, ya know the one I am talking about. It was on your face when I said I was going to start and finish a marathon. Yeah Right! Sure your going to! Sure your going to quit smoking! Whatever dude Ill believe it when I see it!  – Thats my motivation!

More commitment having been known to be a penny pincher, Ill share some expenses involved so far to serve as a reminder that I cant just give up.

16 bucks – The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer

Wow! I can do this! I can do this training schedule. Learned about shoe’s, feet, running style, interesting. did you know that there are four types of running shoes? makes me laugh at people who pull the “best looking” one off the wall and think its gonna help em run.

158 bucks –  went to the real “Running Shop” today. This guy was great and has earned the rest of my business as long as I am committed to completing this project. I walk into the store and of course he approaches asking if he can asisst me. “Well I’ve been doing some research and believe I need a good stability shoe”. His reply “Glad to hear you’ve got an idea about differences in shoes.” I said ” I want something that I can run the marathon in, that will be durable and I also want to let you know my knee’s are hurting like hell”.  This is the point where it gets cool.  We go over to the treadmill to “examine my running style”.  We record my feet as I run a little while on the treadmill and determine that I have a tendency to slightly over-pronate. Now for the shoes, we try a few different pair on to determine comfort, fit and of course back on the treadmill to see how they correct the slight over-pronation. It’s the over-pronating that is causing my knees to hurt like hell in conjunction with them not being used in the past ten years. So the verdict.  The Brook’s Adrenaline GTS 6. A stability shoe that will work well for running a marathon while correcting the slight over-pronation. Treated myself to some socks and a “dry” running shirt and shorts for the long runs while I was at it. Now I am really committing to this project.  

July 6 post run notes:  2 of 3 completed for the week. This is the pre-training for the training. and my knees are really hurting like hell. During the run I felt like the only thing holding me back from pushing harder was the pain in my knees. I tried not to listen to the “I can’t or how am I going to do this” thoughts in my head, I did my best to replace those with thoughts of “ahhh hello hill, please make my knees stronger.” “they are getting stronger that’s why they hurt, this is good, i am getting stronger”  I iced them good after the run, it helps but damn does it ever ache. 

heart rate: 168 bpe: 4



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