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July… the beginning…. August 25, 2006

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First, I make a pretty solid assumption that these blogs are only going to be read by a limited number of people if any at all.  so that said, in months down the road, I’ll either look like an idiot or will achieved one hell of a goal.I’ve reached that mid-30 ugh what the hell happened to me stage. There I was looking at myself in the mirror, asking myself what happened to that that guy that was pretty damn good lookin. he’s gone! dude got like 40 pounds overweight convinced himself there was nothing wrong with consuming a 6 pack a week and smokin a pack of cigarettes a day. it was kewl when i was in my early twenties cause “that was the thing to do”.. well “that kewlness is wearing off my friend” as I look upon myself in disgust. 

so the decision was made to start some sort of exercise program. A walk here (usually with a cigarette or two) a half hearted jog there (nice jog a little sweat lets smoke). What are you doing! Ya cant pretend to care about your Dunlop, continue to eat everything in sight and think that the occasional walk is going to fix it!

So there I was, mad as hell at myself for letting it get this far, but yet had I changed anything? Was I really gonna do something about it? start something then fall right back into bad habits? Lets face it these eating, drinking, smoking and lack of anything other then sitting on my ass habits are going to kill me. I dont want my first heart attack to happen in my forties. I dont want a heart attack to happen at all! So how do I do it? How do I commit myself so strongly that failure will not be an option? Well throwing it all out there on the web will surely motivate you to see it through.

Here’s the commitment. I will start, and FINISH a marathon in six months.

There! I said it! now I’ll look like a total ass if I fall right back into the smoker slump! can’t get any more committed then that!



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