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WTF Already – August 15, 2006 August 25, 2006

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Another day another run.  I can feel that progress is in the works. I ran 3.14 miles today and averaged 11:24 a mile. Not bad for an old man. Especially considering that I quit smoking on July 4th. Interesting thought.. how ironic, I quit smoking on Independence Day. My Independence Day. It is a nice thought to think that a day that I am proud of, our American Independence is also my personal independence from smoking. Although, I still occasionally think maybe I could just stop at that gas station and buy a pack. I would be giving up my freedom and returning to the chains that smoking bound me to. I saw my doctor just the other day. The annual check up. Actually it was to get a Rx but they wouldn’t let me out of there without him checking my asdfl;kj for lkjasdasf.  if ya know what I mean.  At least I am not at the age yet where I have to have him check my isfwklwher.  When I hit that age I will avoid the doctor all together. Of course he danced around the room when he heard me tell him I was a quitter. Then to tell him that I rarely drink soda and am down to a cup of coffee a day he jumped for joy.  He was glad that I would not be a patient that he would have on oxygen in their 50s. Apparently most his smokers are.. or at least that was the impression I got.  Anyway I hope he was excited for me, or for himself not having a PITA patient and that he was NOT happy that he just got done checking my asfduw for asfdye.

The scheduled training starts next week. I can say that I am completely satisified with the pre-training and ready to hit the road. I will take this week to push just a little harder. tomorrow 4 (or more) miles. I will let ya know how it goes. Next week is the first 3-4-3-5 week. Those number in miles of course. enough ranting for now…

Deeeeeoooo DeeeeAaaaa DeeeeAaaaO DeeeOooo DeeeAaaa DeeeAaaaO



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