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Progress Reflection Reaffirmation October 16, 2006

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I sat down and read this week’s (week nine) chapter on my lunch hour today. I read the very heart warming story of Mark Block. How his determination, self-confidence and internal locus of control was the means for him to exceed his goal in the face of adversity. Reading his story gave me a renewed inspiration in training for this marathon and in so I took a few minutes to review some of the training. Clearly some cardiorespiratory improvement has occurred over the past several weeks. I may not run an 8 or even a 10 minute mile but looking at these figures I am making some progress on the effects of fifteen years of smoking.

Beginning of training I was running over thirteen minute miles and my heart rate was averaging 167 now running eleven minute miles (over that fourteen mile duration) I am averaging 160 beats per min.

This week’s chapter discusses ‘crossing the emotional plateau’ , how many individuals in this training program felt a plateau in training. I found myself second guessing what I am doing this weekend. Do I need to push harder the runs are all longer now and it takes more time. It is taking time away from my wife and children. Maybe I should reconsider. All these things running through my mind. Giving myself more then enough reason to walk away from this marathon and take up smoking again. I have kidded around lately about how I’d like a cigarette and beer. Although I make these light hearted comments here and there I know down inside there is a piece of me that knows this road is challenging. Smoking, drinking and not caring about my physical and mental health is easier then this challenge I face. However this challenge is my decision. I have not been forced to run a marathon, no one is holding a loaded weapon to my head.

It is time for reaffirmation, I am completing the ‘marathon class’ on my own training and own free will. I want to do it! I want to know that through the face of adversity while people doubt that I can smoke for fifteen years, train for and complete amarathon inside six months I WILL!

I long to feel that wind of change in my face as I cross that finish line. This is not just a moment of changing a bad habit or routine. It is changing a belief. I always looked at marathoners as the elite. Fast or slow! 26.2 miles! You gotta be someone to do that. I am that someone! I am one of you…



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