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Superbowl Shuffle? October 18, 2006

Posted by Woody in Uncategorized.

It’s been over twenty years since we have seen the Chicago Bears go to and win the superbowl. Could this be the year that we will see the return of the Superbowl Shuffle? After watching monday nights game against the Arizona Cardinals I couldn’t believe that my boys, 5-0 were being beaten so badly by the Cards. What an amazing game! The heart of the defense, the determination of the team to not be defeated without a fight was what won the game. Enter your own stipulations here but two determining factors occured in this game. The heart of the Bears and the compliancy of the Cardinals.

Dennis Green, Oh what we can say about Dennis Green and his Cardinals.. Dennis are you a little upset with your loss?

Now that we've heard Dennis go off (and if you are unaware he fired his offensive coach after this interview was filmed). Let's reflect upon our '85 Bears. Keep the '06 Bears in our prayers for health, success and that they may one again do the Superbowl Shuffle.



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