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Inspirational October 24, 2006

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in‧spire[in-spahyuhr] verb, -spired, -spir‧ing.
–verb (used with object)

1. to produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.): to inspire confidence in others.
2. to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought, etc.: to inspire a person with distrust.
3. to influence or impel: Competition inspired her to greater efforts.

So you may be wondering why I pasted the dictionary entry for inspire in this blog. Inspirational, twice today I have had someone tell me that I was inspirational. Most of the day I have been unable to remove from my mind Greg’s words. “I read how your training for the marathon and you are my inspiration, you have and do inspire me to continue my training, to achieve my goal.” And this evening while running at the gym, I kissed a frog, so to speak. A nice lady, late 50’s to early 60’s on the treadmill next to me. She was unrelenting in her walk. I simply gave a few encouraging words (kissed the frog). I believe it inspired her continue to work hard and remove the negative thoughts in her head that were clearly affecting her stride. It got us to talking and I shared my story. Her words “Your an inspiration to us all”. WOW! Powerful are those words when they are spoken in reference to you. In all this training, self-talk, motivation, dedication, internal locus of control, relaxation techniques, concentration and constant prayer, I never once thought that I could possibly be an inspiration to others. To instigate thoughts and or feelings of such a positive nature is in itself an awesome experience. let’s face it, when your an over wieght smoker who doesn’t get any exercise you are not inspiring to anyone or anything.

So to you Greg and to you well aged lady with the heart of a lion, Thank you, Thank you for allowing me to be your inspiration. Today’s experience has given me further motivation, to continue to see this trainging through to fruition. To do what it takes to make sure that jersey is on my back when I run that marathon.



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