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Governor Bill Richardson Running for President? October 27, 2006

Posted by Woody in Uncategorized.

Yep! I’m doing it! I am writing a political post. What prompted me to write this morning was hearing about Governor Bill Richardson’s latest idea. That he’d go on a diet. Don’t get me wrong, he needs it! Just take a look at him when he filmed his “western”, what I like to call the “really I am doing a good job” commercial. I particularly like this commercial due to the simple fact that someone let him go on camera with a cowboy hat that was entirely too small for that big ass head of his! LOL I mean they shouldda just stuck a piece of shit on his forehead and called it a day!


What drives me nuts about this guy is that he throws out ad’s like this. Like he is some hotshot “lawman” meanwhile he’s out getting speeding tickets in his Lincoln Navigator. Reports have it that Richardson was clocked more then once at a hundred plus! Well, while your at it Bill why don’t you spend $5.5 million on a private jet with leather seats and a wet bar. Oh, that’s right you already did. I don’t want to give the impression that I am some self righteous person who doesn’t speed. I’ve been known to get the occasional speeding ticket and the Mayor’s redlight cam got me in a hurry to work. BTW thanks Marty! You can stuff that hundy where the sun doesn’t shine. I hope that guy gets caught by his own damn cameras.

Now I don’t want to completely bash the guy, that’s what I’ve been doing so far. But dude stop lying! It’s driving us up a damn wall. Billy you’ve said publicly several times that you won’t be running for president. Yet your spending quite a bit of time on the east coast lately. Now, talks of dieting, why? don’t want to lose votes due to that big ass gut you got hangin over that belt? Or concern for the unwritten policies regarding the health of the president? Politics are politics and for some reason people in these positions always feed us shit. Although we will kick and scream about it they will continue to stroke the public for pennies and votes. Richardson has done some good for New Mexico. But not without wasting funds. He’s not the best guy around but surely not the worst. It feels like in the past few elections regarding local politics it has come down to the lessor of two evils gets the vote.

So, bottom line Billy boy, if you wanna run for president go for it. Just tell the people of your state that it is your intention to do so. I agree you do need a diet, come workout with me we’ll get that fat ass in shape. Fire that guy who told you your cowboy hat fit. He made you look like a fool.

And the final note. If I wanted to waste my presidential vote on someone who’s track record was about lying about whether or not he was actually going to run for the presidency, I might as well vote for Hugo Chávez or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.



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