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Outsourcing Taxes – A Rant about Intuit October 30, 2006

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Now you have got to be kidding me!

Today my wife discovers an unauthorized charge on our bank account. It is Intuit. Apparently insisting we purchase the next version of Turbo Tax. I login to Intuit’s Turbo Tax site and wow look here something I never signed up for. “Automatic Renewal”. Ok so for anyone who may be questioning it. NO I AM NOT STUPID. I did not signup for something I was “unaware of”. This is some BS that intuit apparently put in place between last tax season and now and hooked me up with an unauthorized charge.

So there I was completely irritated about this charge. No notice, no email, no phone call just a charge for 80 bones.

The phone call – I give intuit a call to get them to own up to their bs. Hmmmm.. .imaging that the automated system tells me to expect an hour wait due to “high call volume”. Apparently they are swamped with people calling in to discuss the unauthorized charges on their account. 45 mins later the hold music stops and all I have is dead air. Oh no you don’t! I am not falling for that trick! I am staying on the phone till you either hang up on me or talk. Five minutes later I begin to hear the occasional typing and background noise. Now she’s taken me off mute. “Hello, Hello, I can hear you so I know your there!”. “Hel-o, I’d like to be thanking you for calling in-to-it, my name is Sarah”. UNBELIEVABLE! I am calling a TAX SOFTWARE COMPANY and being routed to INDIA!!!
This is getting out of hand. I’ve got my mortgage companies, internet providers, my American made Computer, and now my U.S Tax software being outsourced to India. What is next the IRS outsourcing to India? I got it lets take voting to the web. Then we can outsource the web services to an Indian datacenter. If we can trust to send out our mortgages, support and tax information outside the country then why not put the presidental, congressional and senate voting processes in their hands as well.

Back to “Sarah”. I called her out on the whole “dead air” she finally decided to speak, I tell her the situation how I recieved no notification of a charge, pending charge or made any order to purchase software from intuit. I went to Intuit’s support site durning my wait and there discover this “automatic renew” that your automatically a part of regardless of your desire to be or not. I cancel the auto renewal online and note that Intuit clearly states on their site. “You’ll always receive notification before your order is processed, and you can modify your order or cancel your automatic renewal at any time. In addition, the TurboTax Automatic Renewal Plan ensures you’ll receive the extra rewards reserved for valued direct customers.

“Sarah” cancels the pending order, tells me that the charge will fall off in twenty four hours, although my bank holds it for 3 days. (At least when I called the bank I wasn’t routed to India) “Sarah” then tells me that I will receive a survey in email that she would like me to take in regard to the service I received today. LOL You bet “Sarah” I would love to take that survey!

To clarify my position, I do not wish to come off as some arrogant racist. I am not racist. I understand the corporate world and that outsourcing is cost effective. However, corporations are sacrificing customer service in lieu of lower expense. They are trusting third world nations with our private information. We can have employees in these countries sign disclosure agreements in order to attempt to keep our private data private. However, is the judicial system in these countries going to keep these people honest? I am sure we have the occasional U.S employee that steals customer data, however when it occurs the companies prosecute the employee. Again I don’t want to say that U.S employees are going to have more integrity then those in other countries. I guess I just feel a little more comfortable with my personal data going to a U.S based criminal then I do one based in another country.

Maybe “Sarah” is my reader from India….


The Survey – So I received the ‘important email’ from intuit in regard to taking the survey! Oh I am soooooooooo there!




I think the last screen shot says it all! They have already received enough complaints about the way intuit is doing business this year and therefor we will cut your survey short! LMAO



1. Pez - October 30, 2006

I jumped online and checked my statement and then I logged on to turbotax.com and do you know what those bastards did to me?

Nothing, but thanks for the heads up ;o)

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