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Floating an air biscuit – Paid in full… October 31, 2006

Posted by Woody in Uncategorized.

Some of you may recall me making statements in the past about the humor in the occasional thunder flutter while running on the treadmill. How I would giggle to myself while sharing my chemical warfare with others at the gym. Well, I received some serious payback during my run last night. I was running five miles (about an hour run) and a nice young lady starts her walk on the treadmill next to me. She yapps with her friend a while and as she nears her workout she blows the Sphincter Whistle like it’s never been blown before. This lady sent a message from the interior minister that was loud and clear. It was a room clearer that any man would be proud to have claimed as his own. North Korea would raise a white flag and destroyed its weapons of mass destruction to avoid being hit again.

I was speechless, only cause I had to cover my face with my shirt as to not vomit!

I wanted to further paint this picture for you by sharing what I believe is her personal ad below:


I will be sure to avoid running next to Ms. Flaming Cornhole in future runs at the gym.



1. Pez - October 31, 2006

Man, this is sooooo similar to a couple of experiences I had a work. This one coworker would casually walk over, engage you in conversation, smile and then casually walk away only to have you realize in a moment of pure desperation that you are trapped in a gaseous cloud from which there is no escape.

I hate people like that.

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