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Tecate Halloween November 1, 2006

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What I thought was a pretty typical Halloween, little girls dresses as cowgirls, princesses and witches. Little boys as vampires, demons and superheros. As usual as the evening grows later the young ones go inside and the older (I shouldn’t be out trick-or-treating) kids come out. Usually during this time I get greedy with the candy and only give them one piece. I give the young ones two and tell them how wonderful they look. The older kids, one, nice job on the make up and ripped jeans, what are you this year, “hit by a car”, “attacked by a werewolf”. Although I did that as I got to the age of “shouldn’t be trick-or-treating” one year I was “mugged”. Ok so I am getting off topic a bit and need to get back on track. The point is that it was getting later in the evening, I am hording the candy, and getting ready to turn off the lights. The doorbell rings and there are three cute little children out past their bedtime. Hearing the exhaustion of a long night in their voices as they say “trick-or-treat”, I opt for the treat since I am sure they have no energy for the trick. I had each of them two airheads. Excitedly they thank me “oh! two airheads! thank you!” I wish them a happy Halloween and off they go. Right behind them is Dad pulling his youngest in a radio flyer wagon. I notice the child is propped up against a cooler, “gah goo gah”, his attempt at “trick-or-treat” I hand him a couple pieces. This is when I notice that dad, one hand on the radio flyer handle and the other on a can of Tecate, in a beer cozy of course. BING! the math occurs. This dude is walking his kids around with a beer in his hand and a cooler in the wagon! Now I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that this guy has a drinking problem. If you can’t take the kids trick-or-treating without booze you got issues. Trick-or-treat is for the children. A fun day for them to dress up, receive treats, laugh, play and just be children. It inhibits the children from being children when your drunk ass is staggering to keep the wagon straight on the sidewalk.



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