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The 2006 Asshole of the year award goes to Sen. John Kerry November 1, 2006

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John Kerry’s botched joke apparently directed at President Bush but offensive to all military troops.

As most of you are aware yesterday Sen. John Kerry made the following statement about our troops in Iraq. Many claims that this was a botched joke directed at President Bush. Well Johnny if that is your attempt at telling a joke I suggest you pull your head out of your ass and stop telling jokes. It wasn’t funny! Your idiotic attempt at telling a joke has insulted our troops, veterans and our President. You do not have to like our president, but Mr. Kerry, you crossed the line with your comments.

In the news today, John Kerry was quoted as saying yesterday afternoon that he would not apologize. Today there was a half-hearted print saying “I’m sorry for botching a joke”. How about your sorry for belittling the very freedom that our soldiers provide for you?! You are a disgrace to the uniform and should not be representing the people of this country in any fashion! I am in agreement with the White House that John Kerry apologize to the troops for making such a stupid comment!


I recently located the following photo taken in  Iraq by the  Minnesota National Guard in response to John Kerry’s foolishness.




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