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Nearing Marathon Training Completion November 7, 2006

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With just over four weeks of training remaining, I don’t know whether to be enthusiastic, apprehensive, or just check out. Part of me wants to eliminate exercise when this is all done. I know better then to allow those thoughts, yet I won’t deny that they do occasionally enter my mind. This past weekend I ran sixteen miles again. This is the third week in a row at that distance. The run takes about three hours to complete and at a comfortable pace isn’t too grueling. I start the eighteen mile runs this week in which I will foresee to be closer to the three and a half hours to complete. I do not have any reservations with the eighteen mile run, simply because I am only increasing the mileage by two miles. It’s a rather amusing thought, thinking it’s not big deal to increase my run by two miles. Take a moment to look back to this post when I “busted the four mile barrier”. Back then it took over fifty minutes to complete four miles. Maybe I need to give myself a little more credit lately. That experience was less then thirteen weeks ago. I remember struggling with that four mile run, pushing myself to what I thought was and may have been my limits to achieve that distance. Four miles… still by any means not a short distance.

Pausing for a moment, I wonder how I am doing this. I’ve completed sixteen mile runs and will complete eighteen this weekend. Thirty-six for the week. Tonight I will break 300 cumulative miles since July. Part of me feels like its not a big deal anymore. Like sixteen, eighteen, twenty miles in a shot is not a big deal. Sure I am tired after the run, but not exhausted. I have to remind myself that these runs are a big deal. A very big deal!

As I look forward toward the next month and the closing of this marathon training I ask myself what is next. I have pushed the cigarettes out of my life, I am making some headway on weight loss, if I do say so myself my legs are looking pretty tight. I’ve thought about weight training. I may just do it. I was thinking about continuing to work on weight loss, I’d like to lose about twenty pounds yet. Once the fat is removed I can then concentrate on building a positive mass, not one based on beer and McDonald’s but on “Beefcake 2000”.



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