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Surpassing 300 cumulative miles of training November 7, 2006

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I begin this entry by starting at the end.  When I walked in the door this evening my daughter looks at me and says “Hi Dad, how are you? How was your run.” I pause a moment, glance over at my wife , turn to face my daughter and say “Ya know, I am great! It was a great run! Because I just realized that tonight I broke 300 miles of training.”

I arrived at the gym and begin my run as I normally do.  However tonight I am experiencing an increase in discomfort in my left leg. I start the run and realize that I limped my way through at least the first mile.  I found myself looking forward to a few weeks from now when the mileage starts to taper in preparation for marathon day.  I struggled with the negative thoughts, thoughts of slowing to a walk, thoughts of the pain being more then it actually was.  I said a short prayer asking the Lord for favor involving this pain and concentrate on breathing to get my mind off the pain.  Then run was grueling, painful and negative. I was not comfortable at any pace, even the last five minutes felt like an eternity.  But I pushed through and completed my required eight miles.

I’m a marathoner, I love to run and do four times a week, I look and feel great,  I am strong and will never quit a run, I look forward to my next run, I’m a marathoner.



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