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A few final thoughts as we move to www.myownwoody.com December 7, 2006

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In preparation of the move to our new location this will be my final post at this url. This week is a big mental preparing time for the marathon. As the marathon grows near I am finding myself feeling more anxiety about the event. All I want to do is finish. I don’t care nor does it matter how long it takes to finish. Finishing is the goal. I know that I wont be running alone, in fact none of my training has been alone. The Lord has been with me the whole way. I know that through Him this experience will be enjoyable and I will complete it. However believing and knowing that doesn’t stop this anxiety. I found myself emotional the past couple days. I feel like I need a prozac… Or… A cigarette LOL.

It has been a long five months, the pains I feel when I start a run sometimes frighten me as I look towards this coming weekend. I begin to feel a few negative thoughts rush in, in which I promptly mentally slap myself in the face, and begin to review the techniques I’ve learned to complete this marathon. I am aware that what I am feeling is normal. I want to share an email that my wife sent me, words of encouragement, much needed words this week in the mist of my emotional crap.


From the beginning of July when you were in Tucson and I was back home, you mentioned quitting smoking and running a full marathon. Did I think you would do it? Yes, I learned when you set your mind to something you will do it.

Looking back I rethink of the first few days. I remember asking you on a daily basis how you were doing with the smoking. I also remember you asking me not to ask you because it was harder on you. I remember listening to you tell me you had to run 5 minutes straight and now here you are so many months later getting ready to run at least 5 hours straight! I remember listening to the heart break in your voice when telling me how the people you loved the most had no faith that you would go through with what you set out to do. I remember the countless nights I wished you were home to spend some time with the kids. Or the Saturdays when you had to run for hours at a time. I think about how selfish I was to think that the you needed to be at home, rather than how important this adventure you have set out to accomplish is.

My mind races as I think about the past 5 months of your training. My mind races as I think about the completion of your marathon.

I can not begin to tell you how proud of you I am. To accomplish something that many could only dream about leaves me speechless. I know you will do great. I know whether you walk, run or crawl, across the finish line, you will complete it. I know it will be more for you than the people that have doubted you.

I may not have been the best supporter over the last 5 months. And like you, my mind races as I think about how I will react to seeing you cross that finish line. Will I run out and hug and kiss you while you are sweaty? Will I pat you on the back and tell you good job? Will I get my point across on how proud I am? I can only hope I will. That, what I say and how I will react will get it across. Will you know that the ear to ear grin is for you, because of how proud I am?

I know I have mentioned it to you before but I again want to thank you for thinking of not only yourself, but thinking of your family and your health. I am so very proud of you.

I know you will do just fine on Sunday. I am glad that I will be standing at the finish line and watching you accomplish something you have worked so hard for.

So when you cross the finish line do it proudly! You deserve to feel on top of the world! You truly are an inspiration to all!

I love you now and always will!


A hard one to read this week as some of you may imagine. Nonetheless words that will ring in my mind during the event to help get me through the event.

As I look to the marathon I pray that it is a beginning and not an end to the five months of training that I have completed. In five months I went from not having exercised in at least ten years, poor health and smoking to become a marathoner.

Recently, a good friend told me that I had inspired him to knock the dust off his home exercise machine and started using it again. I never thought that I would be someone to inspire others to push through the doubt and work towards their goals. It was the furthest thing from my mind when this all started five months ago. If I had a dollar for every runner, trainer, doctor and skeptic who gave me “that look” when I told them what I was doing I’d have a great retirement plan. They were all right! I was a fat out of shape smoker who’s only race was to see how fast he could have his first heart attack. I can’t do it. But, I realized on my long runs during training that I am not doing this alone. This is in God’s plan for me. He’s been there on those runs to see me through them. And it was His plan that used me to inspire others.

A final note to any runner or spectator for Sunday’s Holualoa Tucson Marathon: If you see a guy running down the road, escort trucks in front and back with their yellow lights flashing and a big sign on his ass stating “oversized load”, please try not to knock off his warning flags as you fly by him, for it is I.

My next post will be located on http://www.myownwoody.com. There will surely be a massive post in regard to how the marathon goes, new stories from gym humor to pete and red’s next adventure. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Questions? Comments? email Woody@myownwoody.com



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