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chasing congestive heart failure

I started this blog on another site, tried out aimpages, can’t say I cared too much for the functionality of journals.aol.com so why not post it and maintain it on a site that is designed for blogging. After all it was my father who said do something and do it right, too many cooks in one kitchen piss off the wife. err something like that.

So here it starts. About the middle of June ’06 I looked at myself in the mirror and was pretty much disgusted. I was a good 35 lbs over weight, what most refer to as “a spare tire” or “dunlop” or simply a good 15 years of drinking a six pack a week and smoking a pack of marlboro’s a day. Oh but lets not forget they were “lights”. I have to laugh at that. As if the word “light” on the pack made any difference to my health. I decided to do something about it. I no longer though it was kewl to have a “beer gut” “love handles” and smell like an ashtray. Something had to give. I couldn’t continue on this path of self-destruction knowing that my wife and kids are relying on me to lead them through this life. One has to be around to lead them and the path I was running was leading me no place other then a pine box.



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