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Divine Intervention

I have not posted many comments on marathon training recently. This exciting, exhaustive, what most would call ill-conceived or impractical
ambition is nearing fruition. I give you the 16.6 mile route:

I went into this run feeling quite a bit of pain last week. Pain just below my left knee started Tuesday evening, lasting through Saturday. I could only prepare mentally for this run. I knew my leg hurt and couldn’t give into the discomfort without blowing all the training I have already done. For those of you that are wondering, no, it is not the knee I had surgery on, that was the right knee and it is fine. I prayed a rather simple prayer Saturday morning before the run asking the Lord to repair my knee and remove the pain. As I began the run the pain and stiffness kept me at a rather slow pace. By 1/2 a mile in I began to feel more comfortable. I kept a slow pace to go easy on the knee and to consider this was going to be the longest run of my life. Now I am not saying that God stepped in and I had no aches and pains during this run and ran the fastest pace on the planet. I will say that I ran comfortably, felt fatigue, and the pain in my leg is, well different, it is a “workout” calve muscle discomfort now. It is not overbearing, feels like I broke my leg, walking with a limp, pain I felt last week. Most think that it is not possible for someone in the condition of non-exercise, smoker, over weight, to conceive to complete a marathon. It is amazing what the mind and body can achieve when the appropriate dedication and motivation is in place. What is further amazing is how much MORE it can achieve when God is in your corner. The “Mosts” out there are right. I cannot go from what amounted to almost sixteen years of smoking, no exercise in over ten years, over weight and in poor health, to completing a marathon in six months. Not without divine intervention.

so I have designed a running jersey as you will see below that I hope to purchase prior to the marathon. There will be a couple obstacles to over come in order to get the jersey. The cost and quantity. The cost is expensive and the custom design stores have minimum quantity orders. I designed this one on customink.com.


I thought of this design about 4 weeks ago during a run. I thought to myself how cool would it be to be able to wear this jersey during the marathon.

I emailed customink.com today inquiring about how I may be able to go about ordering just one jersey. Some of you may be familiar with the dry fit clothing. They are specifically designed to keep the moisture off your body. They are not cheap to begin with let alone when you want to have a custom logo printed on it. Hopefully we will be able to talk them into doing one jersey.

After deliberation with what appear to be individuals who lack customer service and intellectual skills I will be continuing to seek apparel customization business who may be able to achieve my required result. I am frustrated with the response I have received with customink.com so therefore I will share it with you.

In response my request for assistance via customink.com undisclosed employee stated:

Hi Woody,

Thanks for visiting CustomInk.

We actually can’t print individual t-shirts. Because we use screen-printing, which requires significant set-up, ordering one shirt would be very expensive.

There are companies who sell units of one, but they use heat transfers (iron-ons) rather than screen-printing. The reason we don’t use heat transfers is because we are not satisfied with the quality.

Sorry we couldn’t help you, but please keep us in mind for any future orders of 6 or more.

In which I promptly replied:

Undisclosed Employee,

I was really hoping I wasn’t going to receive the canned answer from your FAQ. I did read the FAQ prior to emailing and it states the same “significant set-up” etc etc. Your site points people to your “sister site” which will do units of one. However they do not offer any WICKid products. If you are not familiar with the products they are specifically designed for athletes, to transfer moisture away from the skin. Does your “sister site” do only heat transfers? I assume it is not possible to do a heat transfer to WICKid material?

Thank you,
– Woody

Now, undisclosed employee goes into the ‘let’s pretend to care’ mode…

Hi Woody-

DYO does not do heat transfers — they do digital printing.

They are still quite new and only have a limited amount of products that they currently work with. If you are interested if they can work on the WickId material, please feel free to contact them at:
service@dyoapparel.com — they will be check on that for you.

Please let me know what else I can do to help.


Undisclosed Employee

Starting to feel like I am getting the run around. I asked this lady originally what we can do about getting a single shirt made, ya know, bend the rules a little for a guy, help me out anyway ya can so I don’t have to spend 300 bucks to get this shirt. So she said single shirt vendor’s do heat transfer, their sister company does single shirts but doesn’t do heat transfer, and to talk to them because “they will be check on that for you”. Well then… second on there too fish fry in the dog pan undisclosed, I’ll email your ‘sister company’.

FWD: Re: Re: Retard working for CustomInk.com


I am contacting you today in regard to your custom shirt services. I was referred to you via your “sister site” Customink.com. Specifically I am in need of a WICKid running shirt, with the end result being like the attached jpg file. I am specifically interested in the WICKid long sleeve active shirt located here.

is it possible to order such a shirt from you?

Thank you
– Woody

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

Unfortunately we don’t currently print on the shirt you desire to have printed on. If you look at this link http://dyo.customink.com/cink/r.jsp?TEST&E=ci&F=t
you will see the in the left menu box what type of shirts we currently offer.

Your kidding right???? Time to put a little sass into the conversation…

I did look at your site. I see you only offer t-shirts. Do you not have any plans to extend your current inventory of apparel?

– Woody

Ok after I read the following response I ceased communication with this individual. I donno ya think it could have something to do with him/her not knowing how to spell what they sell? Or where it is he/she is employed?

We are currently working on getting new machinery capable of printing on different color shirts and different types of shirts. Please check again around the new year to see what else we have to offer. We are still a rather new company and are hoping to be able to meet more of our customer’s ideas and suggestions in the near future.

Thanks for your interest.
DYO Apprel

That is no joke. I did not edit the email to make them look dumb. They did that just fine without my doctoring of idiocies.


If any of you feel giving enough to make a donation to the Jersey Customization Cause, I will order and wear it during the marathon. Include your email address and I will personally send you a photo of me wearing the jersey during the marathon (if someone takes a photo of me).



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