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I am a marathoner!

I am a marathoner! After a few weeks of training I’ve taken little time to look back and examine what I have accomplished over the past few weeks. In review there’s no doubt that I am a marathoner, I am doing this, it’s happening.

My daughter often asks how my runs go after I walk in the door covered with sweat and usually breathing heavy. I always tell her “great”, sometimes its “I really pushed that one it was hard, but it was great”. Her eyes always light up when I answer her question of “how many miles today”. The other day I invited her to jog with me. I told her it was only three miles. She looked up at me like “dude! are you crazy! three miles!”. I giggled thinking to myself three miles is nothing, after all it’s currently the shortest distance I will run. So when I run ONLY three miles, I run like I’m being chased by a big dog. I looked at 6 miles and said uh.. 6 MILES! that’s long! Now I am looking at 8 for Saturday’s run and am excited about breaking that milestone. I can’t wait till 10! I want to break that ten mile barrier!

In this same conversation with my daughter, who, like I, was just a few short weeks ago thinking that a mile was a great distance, looked at me in awe when I told her that I don’t warm up till I am at least a mile into the run. Her eyes widened when I said I “settle into” my runs at three miles. After all this is the distance where I tend to relax let my mind to go other places. Thinking about my wife, my kids, preparing for the birth of our daughter next January. Thoughts that dont involve if I had a pain or if that hill is steep.

Early in I was motivated to not be told I couldn’t do this. Although that motivation isn’t completely gone, some of it has changed. I remember running three miles and asking myself how I was going to complete a marathon. It was hard. If I was struggling with three miles how am I going to do 26.2 miles? Change the perspective, change the behavior, change the belief, change the attitude. In that order. The hill was “oh, how am I going to get to the top of that” that same hill is now “hello hill, lets strengthen these legs together.”

I am a marathoner!

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